Supported Return to Training (SuppoRTT): HEE East Midlands

SuppoRTT is a national initiative introduced in April 2017 which aims to support all trainees to safely and confidently return to training following a period of sustained absence. 

SuppoRTT applies to trainees who have been out of training for a period of 3 months or more for example due to: a gap in training, parental leave, sick leave/phased return or OOP (Out of Programme). SuppoRTT can offer, for example:

  • A period of enhanced supervision
  • Refresher courses and simulation training

  • Mentoring or professional coaching

  • Conferences and workshops

  • Funding for other courses or development, as individually required

SuppoRTT courses are also available for educators who may be returning to training. Additionally we have separate guidance to assist Supervisors with guiding trainees who need SuppoRTT - see separate section below for Supervisors and Educators

If you need to speak to a member of the HEE-EM SuppoRTT team please email us at:


SuppoRTT for Trainees




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SuppoRTT for Supervisors and Educators

The information above will also assist Supervisors and Educators to understand how best to guide trainees and help build a 'SuppoRTTive' culture. 

We have separate guidance below to assist Supervisors and Educators either following time out of training themselves or with how best to support their trainees who would benefit from accessing SuppoRTT.