Below are three different scenarios that a trainee could face. We have summarised the path they would take and how a referral to the Professional Support and Wellbeing Service would be beneficial to the situation.

Case Study One

  • A final year trainee was referred to PSW following unsatisfactory comments on MSF regarding communication and team working when under pressure.
  • After the trainee had discussed the referral and support options with a Case Manager, the PSW made referral for specialist leadership coaching to work on personality at work and when under pressure, leadership skills and motivation.
  • The Leadership coaching was completed over 4 month period.
  • The Trainee completed training satisfactorily.

Case Study Two

  • A trainee was referred following an incident that led to patient death.
  • The trainee reported that this had an impact on their wellbeing and confidence at work.
  • The PSW made referral for confidential counselling sessions.
  • The PSW made referral to HEE’s Occupational Health, who confirmed the trainee was fit to train and fit to be assessed in training. Occupational Health also recommended coaching to help develop confidence, which the PSW set up straight away.
  • The trainee completed the coaching sessions over 6 months and continued in training.

Case Study Three

  • A trainee was referred by their Training Programme Director, following them reporting difficulties with keeping up to date with portfolio requirements and problems with record keeping.
  • PSW made referral for study support with a specialist tutor to identify strengths which may support work performance and learning and identify weaknesses which may inhibit these.
  • The Study support worked on developing weaker areas and learning strategies to help them manage administrative work.