2022 Midlands Virtual Careers Fair

Our 2022 Midlands Virtual Careers Fair is now live with Q&A sessions for specialties taking place from Monday 26 September.

Click here to find:

  • Schedule of live sessions running via MS Teams starting from 26 September
  • Specialty presentations
  • Links to college websites

Careers Support

There are a number of ways of accessing careers support in the East Midlands region:

  • Work with individuals

  • Career workshops for small groups

  • Web and VLE resources

  • Foundation School and Specialty School events and workshops¬†

Click here to find out more about what is offered, or use the links below: 

Are you a...

Foundation Trainee

Career Support for Foundation Trainees includes workshops, Careers Champions, one-to-ones, VLE modules & more.

Specialty Trainee

Specialty Trainees can access careers support, join workshops as specialty guests and use the Careers Champions list.


Material to help staff deliver careers support and Specialty Applications workshops for trainees.


Read on for details of careers support for others working within the East Midlands.