Less Than Full Time Training

Giving trainees greater flexibility in their working lives.

HEE is committed to increasing flexibility in postgraduate medical training. As a part of HEE’s work to Enhance Junior Doctors Working Lives several initiatives have been developed with partners to increase flexibility within Post Graduate Medical Education. Feedback from trainees indicate that many would appreciate the opportunity to pursue a more flexible approach to their training.

Below are some short videos describing Less than Full Time Training (LTFT) in general:










Rota Patterns




How to apply in the East Midlands

We have recently reviewed and amended the East Midlands LTFT policy which can be found below in PDF format.

Please ensure you complete the LTFT application form both when you are applying to start working LTFT, and if you are changing your LTFT percentage. 

If you have any queries please contact us on:


Secondary Care 


Primary Care



Or call the team on 0116 312 0670

If you are on a Tier 2 visa please make sure the LTFT percentage you apply for complies with the requirements of your visa. The sponsorship team have a full list of FAQs which can be found here


Category 3 LTFT applications 

Update 27/04/2022 - Category 3 applications will now be processed in the same way as the other categories for all specialties (except Foundation)


Courses for Educators and Rota Administrators


Supporting the LTFT Trainee and the Doctor Returning to Training


Help support your trainee return to training after a period of absence and working less than full time (LTFT).

The workshop will help you to:

  • Effectively support a trainee returning to training after a period of prolonged absence
  • Demonstrate knowledge of, and familiarity with the process to support transition to LTFT training
  • Better understand the challenges and benefits for doctors working LTFT
  • Formulate useful learning objectives and work schedules for doctors working LTFT and those returning to work after a period of significant absence

Facilitators: DoctorsTraining


  • Fri 22nd July 2022 9.20-12.30
  • Thurs 20th Oct 2022 9.20-12.30
  • Fri 20th Jan 2023 9.20-12.30
  • Thurs 2nd Mar 2023 9.20-12.30

Booking is via Eventbrite