Sources of Support

Commencing postgraduate medical training can be a difficult time and there will be times when you may feel bemused and bewildered, if not slightly frightened by the position of responsibility that you are now in.

It is important to remember that you are not on your own and that there are a number of team members you can talk and discuss issues with as outlined in the following diagram.

If at any point you feel unable to speak with a member of the hospital-based foundation faculty (i.e. Clinical or Educational Supervisor, a colleague from the Placement Supervision Group, Foundation Training Programme Director or Director of Medical Education) then please contact the foundation faculty team via 0115 823 3393.

Professional Support and Wellbeing Unit (PSW)

The deanery has a dedicated Professional Support and Wellbeing Unit (PSW); this service is for trainees in the East Midlands who are experiencing difficulties which may be adversely impacting on their performance and progression in training. Click here to access more information about PSW along with its referral process.